Learn More about Aran Sweaters

Today, you will find a variety of sweaters in the market. While these sweaters come in different styles and knit, they have their advantages and downsides. However, Aran Sweaters are timeless garments that would be great for winter. However, demand for these sweaters has increased nowadays especially because they are becoming rare and valuable. Therefore, getting your authentic Irish knitwear would be a good move.

When buying your Aran sweater, however, you need to consider several things. The first thing is to ensure you are getting your sweaters from a reputable dealer like The Sweater Shop. This is the best way to ensure you are getting an authentic Aran sweater. A sweater shop that allows buying sweaters online would make things even more convenient for you.

However, Aran Sweaters are usually different. They are not all created the same since the process of their make could be different. They can be hand-knitted, machine knit or hand-loomed Arans. However, the hand-knit sweaters are authentic and have certain advantages over other options. It is because of their uniqueness that they are even more expensive.

With the hand-knit Arans, they are hand made by women. It initially started as a hobby and is today a business. However, quality is never compromised. Hand-knit sweaters are made from a heavier yarn and they are tight. They are also durable and will keep their stitch definition and shape for many years. Also, some patterns are only possible with hands due to their intricate nature.

Another thing that makes Aran Sweaters unique is that every stitch has a meaning. Every stitch pattern has symbolism and significance. Some of the popular Aran stitches include honeycomb, diamond, cable, and basket. Honeycomb symbolizes a hardworking bee. This is because efficiency and industry were key values for the Islanders. Cable, on the other hand, is a tribute to the ropes for fishermen. It is good luck and safety prayer while fishing.

The diamond pattern on the Aran sweater is to wish the wearer success and good health. The baskets symbolize the fisherman’s basket which represents the hope of a bountiful catch. Originally, they were made for fishermen. They were perfect for the harsh conditions.

Again, authentic Aran sweaters come in a variety of colors as long as there are sheep of such colors. This is because they are undyed. The traditional color is the creamy off-white but you can now find so many colors since dyed wool is now common. Read more about Aran sweaters here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aran_jumper.

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